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Symposium: Research related to medical assistance in dying (MAiD) for people with mental illness

The FRQS Quebec Network on Suicide, Mood Disorders and Related Conditions (RQSHA), in partnership with the Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit and The Montreal Health Ethics Conference Series (Montreal Clinical Research Institute) will host a knowledge exchange event focusing on current knowledge on the legal, ethical, psychosocial and neurobiological findings relevant to the debate on medical assistance in dying for people living with mental illness. Date: October 27th from 1:00-3:00 pm


Dr. Conrod interviewed on CBC's The Current with WSJ journalist Jeff Horwitz, who reported on how Facebook plays down findings on social media and teen mental health

A recent Wall Street Journal investigation revealed that Facebook has known for years that Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, damages teens' mental health. We talk to Wall Street Journal technology reporter Jeff Horwitz about what he found, and discuss what safeguards are needed with Dr. Patricia Conrod, a neurodevelopmental researcher at Sainte-Justine children's hospital, and a professor of psychiatry at the University of Montreal.

Participez à un sondage dans le cadre du projet de recherche UniVenture

Étudiants de premier cycle universitaire de l'UdeM dont l'âge est compris entre 18 et 24 ans. Nous souhaitons solliciter votre participation pour le projet de recherche UniVenture qui a pour objectif d'adapter un programme de mieux-être aux besoins et à la réalité de la population étudiante de l'UdeM.


Dr. Jeremy J Watts awarded the 2020 CIHR-INMHA Brain Star Award

Dr. Jeremy Watts, a post-doctoral fellow working with Dr. Patricia Conrod and Dr. Stéphane Potvin has been awarded the 2020 Brain Star Award. His research suggests a link between the brain’s endocannabinoid neurotransmitter system and positive psychotic symptoms experienced by patients with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders.

Personality to Prescription Drug Misuse in Adolescents: Testing Affect Regulation, Psychological Dysregulation, and Deviance Proneness Pathways

Fifteen to 25-year-olds are the age group most likely to misuse prescription drugs. Few studies have tested theory-driven models of adolescent risk for prescription drug misuse. Moreover, rarely are distinct pathways to different forms of prescription drug misuse considered.


Dr. Patricia Conrod and Dr. Gregory Lodygensky awarded $7.1 million infrastructure grant for state-of-the-art multimodal pediatric neuroimaging facilities at CHU Ste Justine

Dr. Patricia Conrod and Dr. Gregory Lodygensky at CHU Sainte-Justine, has been awarded $7.1 million in funding as part of the 2020 competition of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Innovation Fund. This funding confirms the global leadership of CHU Sainte-Justine's researchers in the advancement of knowledge on neurodevelopmental disorders.

Emerging Health Threat presents to Health Canada's "Opioid Response Partners" (ORP) Network - Youth-identified Solutions to the Opioid Overdose Crisis for Healthcare Providers

The EHT team presented to the Canadian Opioid Response Partners network, a pan-Canadian network of healthcare providers including, pharmacists, doctors, physiotherapists, frontline workers, public health workers and individuals with lived experience. They shared preliminary results from their cross-site qualitative analyses of focus groups and interviews with over 130 youth across Canada regarding solutions and suggestions for how to improve opioid-related service provision for young people.


Prévenir le suicide pendant la pandémie de la COVID-19

De nombreux experts craignent une hausse des taux de suicide liée au contexte de la pandémie COVID-19. Découvrez ce nouvel édito rédigé par Marie-Claude Geoffroy, Ph. D., Massimiliano Orri, Ph.D., Patricia Conrod, Ph. D. et Naguib Mechawar, Ph. D., Direction du RQSHA. Les auteurs discutent de la problématique du suicide pendant la pandémie et de la nécessité de mettre en place des mécanismes de protection et des actions préventives pour limiter les conséquences à moyen et long terme.


On the Mic with Mike #6: Dr. Patricia Conrod on the developing adolescent brain

Dr. Patricia Conrod was recently featured in the CIHR's On the Mic with Mike series. Watch Dr. Conrod sit down with CIHR President Dr. Michael Strong to discuss her research on the developing adolescent brain, with a particular focus on the impact of the early use of cannabis, alcohol, and tobacco.⁣

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Prix RQSHA des meilleurs articles scientifiques de l’année

Le Réseau lance le concours des meilleurs articles scientifiques publiés par des étudiants ou stagiaires postdoctoraux membres du RQSHA


Canada is grappling with a major youth mental health crisis

Members of our research team, in collaboration with our national Youth Advisory Group, discuss the Canadian youth mental health crisis


PreVenture manuals are on their way to Indigenous communities!

One of our latest research projects is undertaking Indigenous cultural adaptations of the PreVenture Program


World Health Organization - The Big Event for Mental Health - Saturday October 10th

World Mental Health Day, Saturday October 10th, 2020 - The WHO will stream its first live global online advocacy event


Janvier 2021 - Programme PréVenture - Formation d'animateur en ligne

Obtenez votre certification pour offrir le programme PréVenture. Inscrivez-vous


L’usage du cannabis à l’adolescence affecte davantage le cerveau des filles que celui des garçons

Une étude menée auprès de plus de 3800 élèves du secondaire du grand Montréal révèle que l’usage du cannabis altère davantage la mémoire de travail chez les filles que chez les garçons.

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Opinion: Stop shaming and blaming youth for COVID-19 | Montreal Gazette

Congrats to Stephanie Nairn for publishing her letter to the editor of the Montreal Gazette on Blaming and shaming young people for CoVID..


Personality traits that put teens at risk for substance use and a program that helps with Dr. Patricia Conrod

Dr. Patricia Conrod was a recent guest on the Hopestream Podcast. Listen to this fascinating conversation in which Dr. Conrod discusses...

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The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Youth Opioid Crisis in North America

An article commentary by Dr Ranmalie Jayasinha, Stephanie Nairn and Dr Patricia Conrod highlights the parallel COVID-19 and opioid...


Association between cognitive biases and psychotic-like experiences: a systematic review and a meta-analysis

A new study has identified several major cognitive biases that are associated with psychotic-like experiences. Dr Patricia Conrod and her...


Dépendance et troubles psychiatriques partagent des anomalies structurelles

On retrouve dans le cerveau de gens souffrant d’une dépendance des anomalies structurelles qui sont semblables, et parfois même supérieures.

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Become a Certified PreVenture Facilitator - September 23 to 25, 2020 - Registration Now Open

Become a PreVenture Facilitator and bring this evidence-based prevention program to the youth in your community. Over 3-days learn how to...


Big News!

COVID-19 has ushered in a new era in online delivery of educational and health services. In keeping with this, we have adapted the...


Cognitive Function Impairments Linked to Alcohol and Cannabis Use During Adolescence: A Study of Gender Differences

Are females really more sensitive to the effects of drugs on the brain? A new study examines gender differences in how adolescent alcohol...


Harnessing the Power of the Media to Help Prevent Substance Use and Reduce Addiction Stigma

Conrod Venture Lab's very own Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Stephanie Nairn attended the 63rd Session of the United Nations Commission on..


Our First Ever Online Lab Meeting!

Adaptability is a big part of our success at Conrod Venture Lab. We are rolling with all the new measures Covid-19 has put into play...


Participez à notre projet de recherche NurtriVenture / Participate in our NutriVenture Research Project

On vous invite à participer à un projet de recherche pour développer une intervention auprès d’adolescents avec des traits de personnalité..


PreVenture added to New York State's OASAS Registry

We recently received word that New York State's Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) has added the PreVenture Program...


Des experts comparent l’écran au tabac

À l’invitation du gouvernement québécois, des dizaines d’experts se sont réunis lundi à Québec pour discuter de l’impact des écrans chez...

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Avez vous entre 15 et 25 ans?

Nous souhaitons bienvenue aux jeunes entre 15 et 25 ans et qui ont de l'expérience avec des opioïdes à un sommet où vous avez la chance de..


Emerging Health Threat (EHT) Youth Engagement - Youth Summit 2020

During the summit, you will participate in breakout group discussions and attend presentations by your peers and experts on evidence about..


30th Anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

This year is extra special, marking the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. A time to celebrate and a time to...

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Instagram starting to cut most addictive feature, and it could have consequences for teens' mental health

Instagram announced it was "running a test" on some users, a couple months after rumors first emerged that the photo-sharing platform was...

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Preventing Substance Use Among Indigenous Adolescents in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand: a Systematic Review of the Literature

This systematic review assessed the current evidence base of substance use prevention programs for Indigenous adolescents in the USA...


Australian Study Shows Effectiveness of PreVenture Program in Reducing Mental Health Symptoms

This study examined the secondary mental health outcomes of two contrasting alcohol prevention approaches, whereby one intervention...


Alocholism: Clinical and Experimental Research

The Effect of Contextual Risk Factors on the Effectiveness of Brief Personality-Targeted Interventions for Adolescent Alcohol Use and...


Two Data Sets Are Better Than One

The use of large data sets in addiction research is welcome, because statistical power is increased. When applied to large data sets...


Smoking strong pot daily raises psychosis risk

Smoking high-potency marijuana every day could increase the chances of developing psychosis by nearly five times, according to the...

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A Review of Personality-Targeted Interventions for Prevention of Substance Misuse and Related Harm in Community Samples of Adolescents

Several school-based prevention programmes have been developed and used to prevent, delay, or reduce substance misuse, and related...


PreVenture Program Featured at International Meeting on Suicide Prevention

Preventure Program featured at international meeting on suicide prevention hosted by U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services...


Youth Vaping Is Now An ‘Epidemic'

U.S. Surgeon General Vice Adm. Jerome M. Adams issued an advisory today stressing the importance of protecting children from a lifetime...

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Vocational Community College Students’ Conversations about Binge Drinking

The large amount of vocational community college students that continue showing binge-drinking behavior might be an indication that...

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The Surgeon General’s Spotlight on Opioid

The opioid misuse and overdose crisis touches everyone in the United States. In 2016, we lost more than 115 Americans to opioid overdose...

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The influence of affective and cognitive attitudes on adolescents’ intention to engage in binge drinking

Previous work has revealed that interventions aiming to reduce adolescent binge drinking commonly focus on cognitive attitudes, but are...

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Adolescent depression and reduced cognitive performance

Recent studies have shown that major depression is associated with a series of neuropsychological deficits, such as attention, memory...


CUSP Trial Awarded $1.7 million CIHR Grant

The Canadian Institute of Health Research has awarded the Canadian Underage Substance use Prevention (CUSP) Trial, led by Dr. Patricia...


Cannabis use and psychotic‐like experiences trajectories during early adolescence: the coevolution and potential mediators

The authors sought to model the different trajectories of psychotic‐like experiences (PLE) during adolescence and to examine whether...


Marijuana can increase a teenager's risk of psychosis

Going from an occasional user of marijuana to a weekly or daily user increases an adolescent’s risk of having recurrent psychotic-like...

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The Promises of Targeted Inteventions

A Review to Identify Gaps in Research and Service Delivery for Substance Use Prevention among At-risk Adolescents Involved in Child...


Effects of delaying binge drinking on adolescent brain development: a longitudinal neuroimaging study

Onset of alcohol use by 14 relative to 21 years of age strongly predicts elevated risk for severe alcohol use problems, with 27% versus 4%..

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ProVenture awarded $726,000 CIHR Grant

The Canadian Institute of Health Research has awarded the ProVenture project led by Dr Stéphane Potvin and Dr Patricia Conrod funding for...


Donation of 2M $ offered by RBC Royal Bank

Thanks to an exemplary two million dollar donation by the RBC Royal Bank, CHU Sainte-Justine can now lay the foundation for its mental...


The stepped wedge cluster randomised trial: rationale, design, analysis, and reporting

The stepped wedge cluster randomised trial is a novel research study design that is increasingly being used in the evaluation of service...

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CRISM Emerging Health Threat (EHT) Implementation Science Program on Opioid Interventions and Services

Following an international review, CIHR has approved a proposal submitted by the CRISM network for a 5-year directed grant addressing the...


Emerging Health Threat study will host a cross-Canada Youth Summit

In the months to come, the Emerging Health Threat study will host a cross-Canada Youth Summit to present the current state of intervention..


ADORe 1 million € NEURON Grant

Project aim. We will i) describe neural and cognitive functions implicated in adolescent onset depressive symptoms, and their involvement...