Research Consortia and Projects

Our research focuses on risk factors for youth substance misuse and mental health problems. We aim to understand why early onset substance use is so highly concurrent with other mental health concerns and future addiction.  We also apply our research findings to develop new prevention approaches targeting identified risk profiles.   We study environmental factors, genetic factors, and use computerized assessments and neuroimaging tools to measure functional brain development during  the adolescent period. Our youth advisors assure that our research addresses issues and uses methods that relevant and appropriate for youth.

International Collaborations

The Australian Cap Study

The Australian Cap Study’s aim is to evaluate the efficacy of an integrated approach to alcohol misuse prevention. By combining the universal internet-based Climate Schools program with the selective personality-targeted PreVenture program, both high and low risk youth will be targeted. 27 secondary schools were randomized to deliver one, both or treatment as usual, over a 3 year period.


The ENIGMA Network brings together researchers in imaging genomics to understand brain structure, function, and disease, based on brain imaging and genetic data. We welcome brain researchers, imagers, geneticists, methods developers, and others interested in cracking the neuro-genetic code!


IMAGEN is a European research project examining how biological, psychological, and environmental factors during adolescence may influence brain development and mental health. Using brain imaging and genetics, the project will help develop prevention strategies and improved therapies for mental health disorders in the future.