Canadian Cannabis and Psychosis Research Team (CCPRT)

CCPRT brings together a multidisciplinary group of research laboratories from across Canada studying the relationship between cannabis, brain health and psychosis risk. This study was funded by MHCC and CIHR.

CCPRT is a multi-site collaboration that aims to study the harmful features of cannabis exposure, identify biomarkers of risk, test intervention approaches to reduce the cognitive and mental health burden of cannabis, and develop recommendations for the prevention of cannabis-induced psychosis.

While cannabis is considered a relatively safe psychoactive substance, cannabis-related psychosis risk is a significant public health concern, for which no evidence-based screening or intervention strategies exist. Psychosis often follows heavy cannabis use, particularly if use starts early and is sustained during adolescence. Research also suggests that some individuals, those with genetic and psychosocial risk markers, are more susceptible to cannabis-induced psychosis. What is not known is how to identify and protect individuals at risk of cannabis-related psychosis from such harm.