An Evidence-Based Mental Health  Program for Teens

An evidence-based prevention program that uses personality targeted interventions to promote mental health and delay substance use among teens. PreVenture workshops are designed to help adolescents learn useful coping skills, set long term goals and channel their personality towards achieving them.


The PreVenture program was originally developed by Dr. Patricia Conrod. It was inspired by scientific evidence that showed certain personality factors can be highly predictive of who goes on to develop problems with alcohol and substance misuse. Multiple randomized controlled trials conducted in Canada, Australia and the U.K., indicated that the PreVenture program reduced and/or prevented mental health and substance  use problems. These are just a few of the results seen:

- Delayed onset of symptoms of depression, anxiety and conduct problems

- Average 50% reduction in alcohol and drug use

- Reduced bullying behaviours and victimization

- Delayed onset of first consumption of substances

PreVenture Training

If you are a mental health practitioner, counsellor, teacher, social worker or prevention specialist, you can train to become a licensed PreVenture facilitator and/or trainer.

Our expert trainers travel globally to train facilitators and/or trainers as well as host training sessions at our headquarters in the CHU Sainte-Justine hospital, in Montreal, Quebec. As of 2020 we have also introduced online training sessions. We offer 3 levels of certification, Low and High Fidelity Facilitator training and PreVenture Trainer training.