An evidence-based prevention program that uses personality targeted interventions to promote mental health and delay substance use amongst teens. The program is designed to help students learn useful coping skills, set long term goals and channel their personality towards achieving them.


PreVenture is based on over 20 years of research led by Dr. Patricia Conrod. Multiple randomized controlled trials conducted in Canada, Australia and the U.K., indicated that personality targeted programs such as PreVenture reduce and/or prevent mental health and substance  use problems. These are just a few of the results seen:

- Delayed onset of symptoms of depression, anxiety and conduct problems

- Average 50% reduction in alcohol and drug use

- Reduced bullying behaviours and victimization

- Delayed onset of first consumption of substances

PreVenture Training

Interested in bringing PreVenture to your community, school or institution? We can send an Expert Trainer to train your staff members* to deliver PreVenture to adolescents. 3 different levels of certification are available. Choose our basic training or for a more in depth experience choose all 3 levels.

PreVenture Facilitator Certification: Our basic 2-day low fidelity training. This certification will provide you with the tools needed to implement PreVenture. It includes a look at the evidence base and science behind PreVenture as well a hands-on practical experience delivering the program.

PreVenture High Fidelity Certification: This training protocol was used in our research trials and involves clinical supervision by one of our Expert Trainers. Upon completing our basic training, we will observe newly certified   Facilitators delivering PreVenture and provide feedback and support using the PreVenture fidelity Scale (PIFA).

PreVenture Trainer Certification: Interested in becoming a PreVenture Trainer in your community? This training will certify you to train others to become certified facilitators.

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