An Evidence-Based Mental Health  Program for Teens

The PreVenture Program uses brief, personality-focused interventions to promote mental health and reduce the risk of substance use among teens. The program aims to equip young people with self efficacy and cognitive behavioural skills to help them cope with life's challenges. As teens learn about their individual personality style and how their choices impact their life, they are taught skills to help them channel their personality towards achieving their goals.

The PreVenture Program is backed by over 25 years of research and multiple randomized controlled trials conducted in Canada, Australia and the U.K., have demonstrated the significant effect the PreVenture Program has in reducing and/or preventing mental health and substance  use problems.


PreVenture was developed by Dr. Patricia Conrod, a Clinical Psychologist and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Montreal. Dr. Conrod's initial research identified that different personality traits have a role in determining who is likely to misuse substances, what kind of substances they are likely to misuse and how at risk they are for substance misuse disorders. These findings formed the basis of the PreVenture Program.

Research with the PreVenture Program is ongoing with multiple projects underway across the globe.

PreVenture Training

If you are a mental health professional, counsellor, teacher, social worker or a masters-level prevention specialist, you can acquire a license to deliver PreVenture to youth.

IIn-person as well as online training sessions are available. There are 4 levels of certification to choose from, Low Fidelity, High Fidelity, Supervisor/coach and Trainer certification. Please visit the PreVenture Program website for more information and learn how to bring this unparalleled program to youth in your community.