Identification of neurobehavioural symptom groups based on shared brain mechanisms.

Most psychopathological disorders develop in adolescence. The biological basis for this development is poorly understood. To enhance diagnostic characterization and develop improved targeted interventions, it is critical to identify behavioural symptom groups that share neural substrates.

2019 Oct 7

Evaluating the differential effectiveness of social influence and personality-targeted alcohol prevention on mental health outcomes among high-risk youth

This study examined the secondary mental health outcomes of two contrasting alcohol prevention approaches, whereby one intervention targets common underlying personality risk for alcohol use and mental health problems (Preventure) and the other targets alcohol- and drug-related behaviours and cognitions (Climate Schools).

2019 Sep 27

Specificity of personality relationships to particular forms of concurrent substance use among methadone maintenance therapy clients.

A mainstay treatment for opioid addiction in North America is methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) - a form of opiate agonist therapy (OAT).

2019 Nov

Heavy drinking in adolescents is associated with change in brainstem microstructure and reward sensitivity.

The cortical‐cerebellar circuit is vulnerable to heavy drinking (HD) in adults. We hypothesized early microstructural modifications of the pons/midbrain region, containing core structures of the reward system, in HD adolescents.

2019 Jul 21

Association of Screen Time and Depression in Adolescence.

Increases in screen time have been found to be associated with increases in depressive symptoms. However, longitudinal studies are lacking.

2019 Jul 15

Low Smoking Exposure, the Adolescent Brain, and the Modulating Role of CHRNA5 Polymorphisms.

Studying the neural consequences of tobacco smoking during adolescence, including those associated with early light use, may help expose the mechanisms that underlie the transition from initial use to nicotine dependence in adulthood.

2019 Jul

A Novel Approach to Tackling Bullying in Schools: Personality-Targeted Intervention for Adolescent Victims and Bullies in Australia.

To examine the secondary effects of a personality-targeted intervention on bullying and harms among adolescent victims and bullies.

2019 Apr 30

Neuroimaging Evidence for Right Orbitofrontal Cortex Differences in Adolescents With Emotional and Behavioral Dysregulation.

To characterize the structural and functional neurobiology of a large group of adolescents exhibiting a behaviorally and emotionally dysregulated phenotype.

2019 Apr 17

Impulsivities and addictions: a multidimensional integrative framework informing assessment and interventions for substance use disorders.

Impulse control is becoming a critical survival skill for the twenty-first century. Impulsivity is implicated in virtually all externalizing behaviours and disorders, and figures prominently in the aetiology and long-term sequelae of substance use disorders (SUDs).

February 2019
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